Sunday, September 9, 2007

Rejiggered Recipes

My enthusaism for food eventually betrayed itself in my cocktail blog, Rejiggered. I posted two of my favorite snack recipes there.

One was a bright grilled pineapple salsa I served it to some good friends who came over for drinks and dinner. I am intrigued by the deep, smoky flavors grilled fruits bring to salsa. This recipe is just the first of many variations, I am sure.

Another was a simple pesto recipe. I tend to prefer assertive flavors, in pesto and in general, so this version is heavy on garlic and pepper. I brought it to a cocktail party this summer, along with crostini -- and brought back an empty bowl.


Deb said...

Now that I'm back home I'm going to get busy with the cooking. I keep making (and breaking) the promise to myself to cook one incredible dish a week. I'm going to make the french onion sandwich this weekend and post on it! Love to try the pesto as well.
I'm with you on the taste factor...if it's going in my mouth, I want to know it! ;)

Shawn said...

Hey Deb, so sorry to take so long to respond. This blog defintiely has been a work in progress. Looking at the date, I also see that September 15 was the day I left for a long business trip overseas.

I appreciate your offer to post on the French onion sandwich. For the longest time, I guarded the recipe, even dodging my friends' requests for it. I finally got over it, and really hope you enjoy trying it.

I have plenty of other original recipes to add, so please do keep checking back.